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<em>Anastrepha grandis</em>

Anastrepha grandis

South American cucurbit fruit fly
Previous scientific names: Tephritis grandis Macquart, Acrotoxa grandis Macquart, Anastrepha latifasciata Hering, Anastrepha schineri Hendel


Morphological – adult

This species is in the grandis-group and is noticeably large in size.

Features include:

  • frons without brown markings except ocellar tubercle
  • mesonotum orange or dark orange with three postsutural vittae
  • scutum with dark brown slender dorsocentral vitta
  • scutellum entirely yellow or with markings only on extreme base of disk
  • subscutellum entirely yellow to orange
  • mediotergite yellow to red-brown medially, dark brown laterally
  • wing pattern typical of Anastrepha (S-band complete or at most interrupted at crossvein r-m, C-band and at least proximal arm of V-band present)
  • wing entirely infuscated from anterior margin to vein R4+5, infuscation around dm-cu, C-band and S-band broadly connected, V-band not connected anteriorly to S-band, V-band distal arm absent
  • abdominal tergites without brown markings
  • aculeus length 5.25 – 6.2 mm; aculeus tip length 0.55 – 0.70 mm; aculeus tip width 0.16 – 0.18 mm
  • lateral markings of aculeus tip not curved dorsally.

Morphological – larvae

See Pest Fruit Flies of the World.


DNA barcoding

Diagnostic BOLD reference data available


BsrI: Data not available

HinfI: Data not available

HhaI: Data not available

Sau3AI: Data not available

SnaBI: Data not available

SspI: Data not available

Vspl: Data not available


DdeI and Sau3A are fully diagnostic

DdeI: 850, 270, 220,120
Sau3A: 770, 530, 110, 80

Host Range

Primarily attacks fruit of Cucurbitaceae, including melons (Cucumis melo) and several species of Cucurbita (watermelon, cucumbers, gourds). Records from guava and citrus are doubtful.


Venezuela to Brazil, Argentina.

Similar species

A distinct species based on wing pattern, not likely to pose a threat to Australia.

Pest Status

  • Exotic
  • A pest of Cucurbitaceae


No known record.