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<em>Bactrocera albistrigata</em>

Bactrocera albistrigata

White striped fruit fly (in USA)
Previous scientific names: Dacus albistrigatus de Meijere


Morphological – adult

Features include:

  • a medium sized species
  • face fulvous with a pair of circular to oval black spots
  • postpronotal lobes yellow (anteromedial corners black)
  • notopleura yellow
  • scutum mostly black
  • lateral postsutural vittae present
  • medial postsutural vitta absent
  • mesopleural stripe reaching to anterior npl. seta dorsally
  • scutellum yellow with a broad black basal band
  • wing with a narrow fuscous costal band which is extremely pale beyond extremity of cell sc to apex of wing, a narrow dark fuscous transverse band across wing enclosing r-m and dm-cu crossveins, a broad fuscous to dark fuscous anal streak
  • cells bc and c pale fuscous; microtrichia in outer corner of cell c only
  • abdominal terga III-V orange-brown with a narrow to medium width medial longitudinal dark fuscous to black band over all three terga and lateral dark markings which vary from narrow anterolateral dark fuscous to black corners on all three terga to broad lateral longitudinal dark fuscous to black bands over all three terga
  • posterior lobe of male surstylus short
  • female with aculeus tip needle shaped (Drew and Romig 2013).

Morphological – larvae

See White and Elson-Harris 1992.



BsrI: Does not cut

HinfI: Does not cut

HhaI: 670, 180

Sau3AI: 400, 450

SnaBI: Does not cut

SspI: 180, 620

Vspl: Does not cut

Approximate ITS1 fragment length 850 bp


Data not available

Host Range

Bactrocera albistrigata has been recorded from 12 hosts from 7 families including Anacardiaceae, Clusiaceae, Moraceae, Myrtaceae and Sapotaceae. For a full list of recorded hosts see Allwood et al. 1999 and Drew and Romig 2013.

Major commercial hosts:

  • Mangifera indica (mango)
  • Psidium guajava (guava)
  • Artocarpus heterophyllus (jackfruit)
  • Syzygium aqueum (watery rose-apple)
  • Syzygium malaccense (malay-apple)
  • Syzygium samarangense (water apple)



Andaman Islands, central to southern Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, East Malaysia and Kalimantan (Borneo), Singapore, Indonesia: Sumatra, Lombok, Java, Sulawesi

Oceania/Pacific islands

Christmas Island (Drew and Romig 2013)

Similar species

Bactrocera albistrigata belongs to the frauenfeldi complex described by Drew 1989. The other species in the complex, B. caledoniensis, B. frauenfeldi, B. parafrauenfeldi and B. trilineola all possess the same basic body and wing colour patterns.

See Bactrocera frauenfeldi complex and similar species for characters separating these species.

Bactrocera albistrigata is most similar to B. frauenfeldi, which is present in north Queensland. It is separated from this species primarily by having yellow postpronotal lobes, although B. frauenfeldi can occasionally have orange-brown postpronotal lobes.

Pest Status

  • Exotic
  • Medium level pest species


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