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<em>Dacus solomonensis</em>

Dacus solomonensis

Previous scientific names: Dacus (Callanatra) solomonensis Malloch, Callantra solomonensis Drew


Morphological – adult

Features include:

  • large species
  • face with a pair of large oval black spots
  • postpronotal lobes yellow to yellow-brown
  • notopleura yellow
  • scutum dark fuscous with a large irregular red-brown area on posterior region, lateral and medial postsutural vittae absent, mesopleural stripe of medium width extending midway between anterior margin of notopleuron and anterior npl. bristle, yellow triangle extending along anterior margin of mesonotal suture, scutellum usually red-brown
  • setae: sc. 2, prsc. absent, 1
  • wing with a broad fuscous costal band and broad fulvous anal streak, costal cells orange-brown with dense microtrichia covering both cells
  • abdominal terga III and IV dull black with orange-brown along posterior margins and tergum V dark fuscous to dull black except for orange-brown medially and along posterior margin, posterior lobe of surstylus short, abdominal sternum V with a slight concavity on posterior margin.

Morphological – larvae

No information available.


DNA barcoding

BOLD reference data not available.


BsrI: Data not available

HinfI: Data not available

HhaI: Data not available

Sau3AI: Data not available

SnaBI: Data not available

SspI: Data not available

Vspl: Data not available


AluI, DraI, RsaI and SspI provide diagnostic restriction patterns.

AluI: 720-770, 170, 150, 130, 120,110
DraI: 800-750, 270, 220, 180-160
RsaI: 450, 380, 320, 290
SspI: 1100, 380

Host Range

Oligophagous. Recorded from five hosts in Cucurbitaceae, including pumpkin, cucumber and edible Luffa.


Bougainville Island and Solomon Islands.

Similar species

Similar to Dacus longicornis and Dacus axanus except has a protrusion on tergum V, a longer oval abdomen, and broader triangles anterior to the mesonotal suture.

Pest Status

  • Exotic
  • A significant pest of some cucurbit crops in villages


Cue lure