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<em>Rhagoletis mendax</em>

Rhagoletis mendax

Blueberry maggot
Previous scientific names: Spilographa mendax , Zonsema mendax


Morphological – adult

Scutum and abdomen predominantly black. Wing markings consist of broad dark fuscous basal band and an F-shaped pattern across the entire membrane. It also lacks dark markings on the fore femora and the female aculeus is shorter than in other species (aculeus length 0.73 – 0.89 mm).

Morphological – larvae

See Pest Fruit Flies of the World – Larvae.


DNA barcoding

BOLD reference data available, but cannot be distinguished from R. pomonella.


BsrI: Data not available

HinfI: Data not available

HhaI: Data not available

Sau3AI: Data not available

SnaBI: Data not available

SspI: Data not available

Vspl: Data not available


Data not available.

Host Range

Recorded from 11 species of the genus Vaccinium (family Ericaceae).  A serious pest of blueberries in Eastern USA.


Eastern USA

Similar species

Rhagoletis mendax has often been confused with R. pomonella. It is separated from R. pomonella by the absence of dark markings on the fore femora and the shorter aculeus. Host data may also be useful in diagnosing these species from each other, as R. pomonella has not been recorded from Ericaceae host plants.

Pest Status

  • Exotic
  • A significant pest of blueberries in Eastern USA


No known record.